VPN into China – 5 Best VPN Services

admin June 29, 2018

China is popular for a number of things; one of them is its restriction on internet. People who are living in China can only access websites that are allowed by the government and deemed as safe – the concept of ‘freedom of internet’ thereof does not exist in the country.

Similarly, there are a number of websites operating in China that are geo-restricted, which means that only those individuals who are living in China can access them. These websites are inaccessible to the outside world and anyone who wants to access those, needs a VPN into China.

In the country, a vast number of social media platforms and search engines like Facebook and Google respectively are blocked. They can be accessed using a VPN. By enabling a VPN, it becomes possible to browse anything on internet. Whether you want to log onto Facebook and check what your friends or cousins living abroad are doing or to read news websites that are blocked in China, a VPN will let you do anything.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, the service allows users access any website in the world, while at the same time keeping them anonymous online. By using a VPN into China, it will become possible for you to break the Great Firewall of China and thereof access any restricted website of China. To do so, the first step is to get an IP address that works in China.

A VPN into China works like a magic wand that will let you surf anything without any restrictions or facing any problems. For Chinese people who are travelling to or working in a foreign country, a VPN into China is a necessity if they want to access Chinese websites that were otherwise blocked.

Here is a list of some of the best VPN into China:


HideMyAss is one of the most popular VPN services to get a Chinese IP address. Based in the UK, the firm has more than 860 servers spread across 190 countries. By using two connections simultaneously, the VPN service offers excellent internet speed. With a 30 days money-back guarantee, it offers both free and paid monthly subscription plan for $4.99.


  • Fast servers in China
  • Money-back guarantee
  • No bandwidth restrictions
  • Severs in over 190 countries


  • Based in the UK


Astrill is a highly reliable VPN into China, which is also easy to use. The efficient and fast servers of Astrill give amazing downloading and uploading speed. Websites like Youku can be easily streamed using this VPN. The stealth mod feature lets you establish peer-to-peer connection with BitTorrent. It has zero logs policy so you don’t have to worry about your data being recorded.


  • Seven day free trial
  • Top speed
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Client software for all platforms


  • Some features charged separately
  • L2TP performance adequate only



It is a Seychelles based VPN service and is ideal for anyone who wants to unblock websites using VPN in any part of the world. The company is dedicated to providing its users with top level privacy and anonymity. Because of its China-based servers, it provides top quality streaming and that is what makes it the best VPN into China.


  • Impressive speed
  • Strict security and privacy policies
  • Number of Payment options
  • 24/7 hours Customer support


  • Pay extra for better bandwidth
  • Downloading speed slow


When you are looking for one of the best VPN into China, EarthVPN is an amazing option. Being a zero log VPN, it has gained popularity over the last few years. It is available on all popular platforms and will never disappoint you with bad bandwidth. It has wide range of protocols to offers, OpenVPN being the most famous among them. The paid subscription plan starts only with $3.99 and gives users features like Secure Shell (SSH) tunneling and Socket Secure (SOCKS) proxy servers.


  • Over 304 servers
  • Servers in 32 countries
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No logs
  • Top level encryption


  • Metadata stored for internal use


One of the best VPNs to get Chinese IP Address is to use TorGuard. Operating on zero logs policy, it is based on OpenVPN implementation. In 42 countries including mainland China, more than 1200 TorGuard servers are operating. Unlock all the geo-restricted content and get access to everything online. The dedicated stealth servers make it possible for TorGuard to get past the GFW. You can use up to five connections simultaneously.


  • Zero logs
  • P2P permitted
  • Dedicated servers
  • Stealth servers


  • Use third-party code in the software

After you have selected a VPN service, the process of getting a Chinese IP Address is pretty straight-forward:

  • Go to the VPN website and create an account
  • Download the VPN application and install it on desktop/mobile
  • Log into the application
  • Choose a Chinese server
  • Once you have successfully selected a Chinese server, you will automatically get Chinese IP Address. Now, you can navigate through any of the Chinese local websites, while you are anywhere in the world. No boundaries and no restriction anymore.  


Thanks to VPN service, now you cannot be restricted by any government or authority when it comes to internet usage. Whether you are residing in China and want to access blocked websites or outside China and want to access the websites, which are geo-restricted, a good VPN lets you do anything you want on internet. Some of the best VPN into China were handpicked by us to give you several options before settle on one. We hope after going through the above-mentioned VPN services, you can find the one that suits you best.