How to Unblock Youku outside China

admin July 02, 2018

Youku is the largest and the most visited video hosting site in China. If you are a Chinese expat living outside of China or a foreigner who loves to watch Chinese video, and listen to their songs – you’d have to unblock Youku.

Youku Inc. was formerly known as Inc. The word is a simplified version of a traditional Chinese word called, pinyin which means cool and excellent. Youku is a video hosting service that is based in Beijing, China and has its headquarters in Sinosteel Plaza, Haidian District, and Beijing. The video hosting website was founded was Victor Koo and was launched for general public in June of 2006.

It is one of the most popular and top online video and streaming services in China. The other competitors of Youku include, iQiyi, LeTV, Tencent Video,, Fusion and Sohu. In 2012, Youku and Tudou reached an agreement of merger. Currently, Youku has more than 800 million daily video views and over 500 million active users on a monthly basis.

Watching content on Youku from outside China is not straightforward and you will not be able to login even if you are a Chinese expat. To use Youku, you have to bypass the restrictions put by Chinese government, and get a Chinese IP address.


So the question now remains how to unlock Youku outside China? Fortunately, there are a number of ways to unblock Youku and watch anything on the website, from kids’ shows to movies and songs. In this article, we have discussed the most popular and trusted ways to access Youku from outside China. Let’s get started:

Unblock Youku with VPN

The simple reason why you cannot access Youku from outside China is that it has been geo-restricted by the Chinese authorities. To bypass the geo-restrictions, a VPN does this job perfectly. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network that extends a private network across a public network. Users are enabled to send and receive data across the public network as if they were connected to the private network directly. A VPN will provide you with a Chinese IP address that will unblock Youku and you’d be able to watch anything.

There are a number of VPN services that can provide you with a Chinese IP address, some of the most popular ones are: ExpressVPN, AirVPN, VyperVPN, PrivateVPN and PureVPN. All of these VPNs have servers in mainland China. By piercing through the Great Firewall of China, they create an encrypted pathway for your online data to flow, without being detected by the

Great Firewall of China.

After you have selected a VPN service, the process of getting a Chinese IP Address works like this:

  • Go to the VPN website and create an account
  • Download the VPN application and install it on desktop/mobile
  • Log into the application using the username and password
  • Choose a Chinese server

Once you have successfully selected a Chinese server, you will automatically get Chinese IP Address. Now, you can navigate through any of the Chinese local websites, while you are anywhere in the world. No boundaries and no restriction anymore.  Visit Youku website and start watching the videos and movies you dearly missed.


Unblock Youku with Chrome/Firefox

One of the most popular easiest tools to unblock Youku on Google Chrome and Firefox is to use ‘Unblock Youku’. Whether you are accessing the web browsers from PC or Mac, the application add-on will let you access Youku outside China.


To unblock Youku on Firefox, follow the following steps:

  • Visit Firefox Addon.
  • Download the add-on
  • Install it on the browser
  • Go to Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Connection Settings
  • Select ‘Automatic proxy configuration URL’
  • Enter ‘’
  • Click ‘Ok’

Another option to access Youku with Firefox is to use the extension called Come2China. The extension successfully surpasses the geo-restriction, uses a China server and lets you use Youku as if you were in mainland China.

<h3> Unblock Youku on Chrome

To unblock Youku outside China on Chrome, follow these easy steps:

  • Visit Chrome’s webstore
  • Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ button, given on the top right-hand corner
  • Install the add-on
  • Visit and start enjoying

Another way to access Youku via Chrome when you are outside China is to use the extension ‘uku/Unblock-Youku’. It is regarded as one of the best ways to unblock Youku on Chrome as the JavaScript code makes the redirection take place automatically without asking you for any input.


Unblock Youku on smartphones

Since the smartphones were first launched, they have taken over the world by a storm. Majority of the people now access websites, social media websites and video streaming websites via their smartphones. When you can do anything from a simple tap, who would want to make the effort of turning on a PC? This is exactly why you need to know how to unblock Youku when you are using smartphone.

Whether you are using Android or iPhone, there are mobile applications available to help you.

 Android Phone

To unblock Youku on your Android phone:

  • Visit Google Play
  • Download one of the VPN apps mentioned above
  • Connect to a China server
  • Visit Youku app and enjoy

Another way is to visit the web address on your Android phone and download the application. Once installed, you can start using Youku.


To unlock Youku outside China on iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Subscribe to one of the VPN services mentioned above
  • Connect to a Chinese server
  • Visit Apple iTune Store
  • Install Youku app
  • Start streaming videos

We hope after going through this article, your problem is solved and you can easily unblock Youku outside China. Select any of the methods that have been discussed above, go with the one that seems easiest to you. Open the world of Youku from anywhere in the world and get entertained whenever you want with Chinese engaging content. Let us know which method you used and found the most beneficial.